For the past 15 years, Mary Kay has been coaching parents, just like you, to become the person they want raising their kids.

Mary Kay’s personal development journey went into overdrive in 2004, while vacationing on the beach. “We were on vacation. We were supposed to be having fun. But, I was still exhausted, attempting to control even the slightest situation. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I hated the person who was raising my kids. And that person was ME."  She literally had a “line in the sand” moment. While on the the beach, Mary Kay drew a line in the sand. She stepped across that line and spoke her promise "From this moment on I would only treat my kids with compassion, love and respect." 

She began by reading parenting books and attending workshops. So that she could move faster through the rough times, she worked with a coach. She conquered the stress and anger, finally reaching a compassionate and connected relationship with her kids. Even discipline issues became a thing of the past, and they were teenagers!

Mary Kay became a professionally trained coach so she can help other parents. She has acquired over 15 years of experience in the coaching industry. Mary Kay is well known for her authenticity and empathy when helping others unravel complexities. She is able to actively help each parent gain a better awareness of how they think, feel, and act while guiding them with the encouragement and wisdom they need to to become the person they want raising their kids. All the while, she gains so much personal joy from helping others that it’s impossible for her client’s not to notice that this is more than just a career for Mary Kay. It’s a well-defined purpose and passion of her own.